'Building Community and Prosperity'
Who we are and 
What we do

Who We Are


Our board comprises London Road Business owners, who came together in 2011 after London Road was affected by the riots. The association aimed to help increase business and footfall from visitors. One way LRBA has done this was by creating Croydon Carnival. This event is about the community coming together and celebrating the diversity of the area, and replacing the negative image of London Road. 

We understand that owning a business comes with difficulties and challenges sometimes. As your Business Association, we're here to help you through those times. It is also a great way to connect with fellow business owners to network, share experiences, and advise.
We have regular webinars that cover grants, funding applications, issues around crime and security and more. These sessions are beneficial as local MPs, and Council officials attend to advise you and take your concerns and issue further.

Why you should join us 

London Road Business Association offers free support to London Road Businesses. With an understanding of the issues and the experiences you face, we can speak on your behalf to Croydon Council and other Authorities to push for more support and resources. If you have any questions or facing any issues, please get in touch!


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