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London Road Croydon Carnival of Cultures

One of the most challenging times for the businesses along London Road was during the Croydon riots in 2011. After these events, there was a certain stigma associated with Croydon. People decided to either go elsewhere to shop, do business, and study elsewhere or discontinue their education. Before the riots, many neighbouring local companies didn't communicate, and networking did not exist. Hence,  a few businesses decided to get together and form the 'London Road Business Association'. Here businesses shared stories and collaborated on ideas to overcome issues together. Recovery was a slow process, but the companies eventually bounced back.

The London Road Carnival now encompasses the Croydon Carnival of Cultures. It is now an annual event that the London Road Business Association created as a community response to the riots. This free event celebrates what is so special about West Croydon's unique diversity of food, religion and culture, stepping forward in harmony.

We feel it is essential to bring the community together and improve its reputation, allowing businesses to promote themselves in the community. The event fosters unity in the community, giving young people the opportunity to get involved and create a positive atmosphere in the area.